10 Herbal Teas You Should Keep in Your Kitchen Cabinet


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Kitchen_Cabinet By Daisy Luther

When you’re sick, little is more comforting than holding a steaming mug of fragrant tea in both hands, warming your face with the hot steam. Somehow, no matter how rotten you felt before, you instantly feel just a tiny bit better.

Whether you are lucky enough to grow your own tea herbs, you purchase loose teas, or you use tea bags, your cabinet is not complete without the following ingredients. These teas are delicious and beneficial, with many different healing qualities. Just like band-aids, antibiotic cream, or aspirin, these items are vital additions to your pantry, allowing you to dispense a hot, steaming, fragrant cup of nurturing in as little time as it takes you to boil water.

There are many different herbs from around the world that have wonderful healing properties. I’ve concentrated this list on ones that can be easily acquired and stored, or which…

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Save a Billon Songbirds: Be the Change for Animals


Another good reason to keep your cats indoors.

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By Deborah Taylor-French

Hungry Songbirds

This morning I looked out at our bird feeder. The songbirds have been eating huge amounts this winter and early spring, so the feeder has a half – dozen birds perching and waiting hidden nearby in the Fuji apple tree.  Birds keep nesting earlier each year.

 A Big Problem

Not a bird insight

On top of our weathered side fence, a hunter lurked in the form of a neighbor’s black and white cat. I opened the window and shouted. The hunter hunkered down, not wanting to leave. Big problem, not a bird insight. I clapped and kept making noise until he left. He looked much like the cat below.

Hunting Cat, Istambul, Turkey

A Well-fed Predators Kill Billions of Birds

Free-Roaming Cats: A Conservation Crisis: Domestic cats are recognized as a threat to global biodiversity. Cats have contributed to the extinction of 33 species across the world and continue…

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