Quote of the Day (10)

“Every living being is connected to, shares and contributes to one magnificent golden light which creates the miracle of all that is.There is no real difference between the beggar nor the rich, the spider nor the fly, the black nor the white, the animal nor the human, the tree nor the wind, the gay nor the straight. Every one of us finds nourishment from the same source.”


I am torn… But untethered.

i am torn.. but untethered…

transferance of energy..

howling around inside a globally magnificent multi-dimensional

pathologically illogical eccentricity..

one hour left..

till the sun’s rays peak out at the dawning of a shift in movement..

moving inward…

i feel my insides.. aren’t we all just made up of matter?

moving outward…

i feel others.. doesnt everyone just want to get lathered?

with leather..

sometimes… i am as hard as a rock…

and sometimes.. i am light as a feather…

feed me the real stuff.. i don’t like pleather…

don’t overthink the meaning of this poem too much..

Simply put..

i am torn.. but untethered..

Written by Sepi (c) Copyright, September 2007.