Quote of the day

“She whispered gently.. Hear me when I speak to you with loving words. See the good in me even when I act out of fear. Feel joy with me now so that when I am gone, you will want to keep my memories close to your heart.”

By Reiki Master Sepi


If you saw yourself the way I see you, you would see a masterpiece. If you heard the sounds I hear when you speak, you would hear a symphony. If you felt your skin, the way yours feels to me, you would feel ecstasy. If you allow me time to keep loving you, time will go on for eternity. 

By Reiki Master Sepi


Poem: What if I told you that what you thought was reality, just wasn’t true?

It’s funny how certain smells and tastes could dig up memories from the past.
Memories that did not last.
Memories that you may never think of for fear of strife.
Memories that didn’t even happen in this life.
Have you ever wondered why a stranger you may walk by on the street feels so familiar?
What if, in another life, this soul that you meet with the gaze of your eye, wasn’t just a stranger?
What if this soul was your mother or brother?
Would you cry?
Would you even bother?
Have you ever wondered why you may feel a connection with a certain animal or even just a place?
Doesn’t this wonder feel like you are following a ghost in an unending chase?
What if this ghost is really you? What if I told you that what you thought was reality, just wasn’t true?
What if the world that you thought you knew, doesn’t really even exist?
Oh, I think you would fight to keep your belief with an iron fist.
What if your life was already written with a certain script?
Many would agree that this life does feel like a re-occuring trip.
What if I told you, this script can be re-written with your thoughts?
This may be too much power for some to ponder and some may want to go on living life like a bunch of robots.
Yet the message I have for you is this.
Writing your own life, is the only way to experience freedom and bliss.
By Sepi Ghafouri (c) 2013

Through the pit less depth of autumn’s movement

Through the pit less depth of autumn’s movement.


Ahead of me lays a moment waiting for me to intercept..


In the past, thunder breaks silence’s echo against my soul’s window pain..


I shudder to recall what tumultuous isolation led me to this other side which I disdain..


In a world of rippling dreams.. we give and take nothing which is of any good it seems..


Insightful minds wander together through cosmic magic…


Yet egos trough leaves us torn apart… in the end it is all just tragic…


How must I escape from this grip… gripping me so lightly yet my body cannot even


Move Slightly…


Amidst my minds constant circling..


Alas meditation brings such long awaited tranquility..


But in the end.. this physical body surrenders again to its dimensional futility..


It is all about the matter which keeps us within…


Screaming to get out of this tight fitting skin.


The spirits which roam must laugh at us.. really..


Because they glide along so unmasked… so smooth and do so “free”ly.


By Sepi Ghafouri (c) October 3, 2009

Poem: A Time of Dual Polar Universal Activation.

A time of dual polar universal activation.

A time of higher vibrational elevation.

A time for spontaneous bursts of joy.

A time for dreams to manifest gold, a precious alloy.

This is our time to shine humans so step up onto your platform of magic!

This ship carries light beings higher, so leave behind what your egos think was tragic!

Feel the Joy of Universal Love throughout your physical bodies Now.

Any pain is a passing feeling so let it go let it go let it flow through your brow

Into the collective trashcan and press delete.

Only with inner joy will we feel truly complete!

Let the tapestry of your life glow brighter than any gem you have ever seen.

This New Age is the Only Scene

You will Ever Want to Be a Gift Of.

This is not just another Century so listen up.

Up, Up, Up Up Up!

The Turning of the Tide is coloring this planet with a ray of golden light.

Be sure to ground your Root Chakra and Plant it!

But if you wish to fly out of your body, then have a fun flight!

Anything and I mean anything is energetically possible Tonight!

By Sepi Ghafouri (c) 2012

The Divine poured love through me in more than one instance

The ashes of love leave residue on the circumference of bliss.

A faint feeling of nothingness remains when memories are just not missed.

Mistaken identity after years and thoughts of placing two souls interconnected by eternal flame.

Just one moment awakened her to realize this as just imagination. .. Awakened.

Guess you can’t fault a lonely girl who grew up keeping herself amused by playing pretend.

Emotions once flapping wings in flight… Flew far away and out of sight.

A simple lesson for an emotion complicated So by Ego.

Love is to be cherished in the moment… It just isn’t something you can bottle up and ferment, for future use.

Of never having loved, that is not something about which I can be accused.

Nor is it something for which I seek repentance.

The Divine poured love through me in more than one instance.

And so the story goes

My roots grew deep inside the ground while my leaves spread out toward the sky..

Up so very high

A feeling of euphoric growth while swimming in the throes of life.

I escalated past the clouds until the Sun kissed my lips.

A used to think love was filled with highs and dips.

That is. Until I found my one true love.

The one who swims with me and will be my wife.

By Sepi (c) Copyright 10/18/12

New Poem: Garden of Love

Within every heart is the seed for growing a garden of love.

Within every soul is a silent space

Illuminated by the light of peace

It is like no other physical place.

Behind the veils of your eyes, there lies,

A connection to all that Is.

This place…


This place Tis the Kingdom of All.

A place where it doesn’t matter who is black, white, gay, straight, bi, trans, big, small, short or tall.

From every hand there exists the ability to heal or to destroy.

Imagine the peace radiating when all unite together rather than formulating some type of power ploy.

The Oneness which exists between all of us is held together by our light, woven by silks of love.

This love and unity is here now, there is no need to wait till you transcend physically to the heavens ABOVE.

But how?

The simple truth is that there is no “wow” formula to escalate you to the vibrational heights of an illuminated being.

It is possible by just feeding

your garden of LOVE.

By Sepi (c) Copyright 9/27/12

Dedicated to JD

This poem is dedicated to my friend JD DiSalvatore, a wonderful soul who is undergoing treatment today for breast cancer. Please see this link to learn more about and to support this amazing individual. Enjoy this poem.


Dedicated to JD:

Jd… For your friends you are a connector..

For animals, a loving protector…

For the community, a beacon standing for free giving and equality..

Remember that the love surrounding and supporting you through this difficult time..

Is merely a reflective chime.

We thank you for all that you have done..

As you go through this process, remember to stay strong like a Marine.

While Allowing your thoughts to remain serene…

Let not this Cancer make you Undone

Nomatter what happens you will always find Shelter in the arms of a loved one.

Very soon, you, my foodie friend, will feel better, and I have no doubt..

That you will be driving to your favorite restaurant where you will be Eating Out.

By Sepi, Dedicated to JD DiSalvatore 8/3/12

I am torn… But untethered.

i am torn.. but untethered…

transferance of energy..

howling around inside a globally magnificent multi-dimensional

pathologically illogical eccentricity..

one hour left..

till the sun’s rays peak out at the dawning of a shift in movement..

moving inward…

i feel my insides.. aren’t we all just made up of matter?

moving outward…

i feel others.. doesnt everyone just want to get lathered?

with leather..

sometimes… i am as hard as a rock…

and sometimes.. i am light as a feather…

feed me the real stuff.. i don’t like pleather…

don’t overthink the meaning of this poem too much..

Simply put..

i am torn.. but untethered..

Written by Sepi (c) Copyright, September 2007.

She and I both like to play with crystal toys…

Dancing on a spiritual cloud…

Whisping inside interdimensional portals while smiling and laughing out loud…

Little human ego dramas bring needless struggle to heedless souls…

If we all just let go..

If we all just let go..

Just let go

Just let go

Let go

Let go…


Then for one moment in time, consciousness would rise up and dance with us on this cloud I bet.

Further and further I go..

Yet.. closer and closer I get.

The mystery of life is not found in the physical..

I am just not typical.. by any means..

Not because I am any different than you…

I am just mostly empty and channeling through..

While others may be filled with noise..

My cat.. she has so much grace and poise…

She and I both like to play with crystal toys.

These three eyes that I have been blessed with…

Well.. They see.. They see.. They see so much of life’s rebirth..

Through the eyes of a child…

Innocent yet a bit wild…

Consecrate me into eternal infinity.

Written by Sepi: Copyright (c) June 2011