The Power of Smiling!


There is such an immense power in the simple act of Smiling! A lot of people throughout my life have told me that they love my smile. I smile often because I am in a state of joy a lot of the time!

One of my core beliefs is that people prefer to be happy and in a state of joy then to be sad and engulfed in ego. The only thing missing for most people is the lack of tools on being happy and in a higher vibration of joy. What I love about smiling is that it is contagious and the affect of smiling at other people is proof of one of my core beliefs. Whenever I smile while I am walking on the street, people end up smiling back and saying hello to me! They light up! Try it the next time you are walking on the street.

When I smile at my cats, they wink back!

I believe smiling does something chemically in our bodies,  raises our vibration and in turn we perform better in all areas of life. I tested this theory when I took the California Bar Exam. The CA Bar Exam is probably the toughest Bar Exam in the country. I studied 6 days a week for three months in order to get ready for the grueling 3 day exam, which typically has a pass-rate of 30 to 45%. Before I started, I promised myself I would do three things.

1. Study Hard;

2. Maintain good health by eating well and exercising often; and

3. Be Positive.

When the big exam day came, I smiled in every single session.

The affects were tremendous. I had a wondrous amount of energy during the three days and most importantly, I passed the exam on the first try!

Some people may read this and think, well you can’t just fake a smile and have it affect your vibration. Well, don’t fake it! Think thoughts that help you feel better or good and then smile! Even from a purely physical perspective, your body prefers it when you smile because you use less muscles smiling than frowning!

Lot of love, blessings and smiles!

Reiki Master Sepi


Quote of The Day (76)

“Prayer and meditation are focused intentions. When you live with intention, the divine pours through you like paint on a blank canvas. Without intention, the paint spills away from your core, leaving you drained from the chaos of life spinning out of control.”

By Sepi (c) Copyright 10/24/12

“Your perception of the world is determined by your beliefs while your energetic vibration is determined by your thoughts, what you ingest and everything/being you surround yourself with. It is the synergy of perception and vibration that creates and shapes your world!”

By Sepi (c) Copyright 10/22/12

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