Thoughts on Love

For centuries people have sang, talked, drawn and written about love. There are some who believe that a person cannot truly love another until they have experienced being in love first. I believe, every person can love at anytime because love resides within everyone. It is not something we learn from experience or from other’s, unless we have forgotten how to feel our love that lives inside.
By Sepi (c) 2012


Poem: A Time of Dual Polar Universal Activation.

A time of dual polar universal activation.

A time of higher vibrational elevation.

A time for spontaneous bursts of joy.

A time for dreams to manifest gold, a precious alloy.

This is our time to shine humans so step up onto your platform of magic!

This ship carries light beings higher, so leave behind what your egos think was tragic!

Feel the Joy of Universal Love throughout your physical bodies Now.

Any pain is a passing feeling so let it go let it go let it flow through your brow

Into the collective trashcan and press delete.

Only with inner joy will we feel truly complete!

Let the tapestry of your life glow brighter than any gem you have ever seen.

This New Age is the Only Scene

You will Ever Want to Be a Gift Of.

This is not just another Century so listen up.

Up, Up, Up Up Up!

The Turning of the Tide is coloring this planet with a ray of golden light.

Be sure to ground your Root Chakra and Plant it!

But if you wish to fly out of your body, then have a fun flight!

Anything and I mean anything is energetically possible Tonight!

By Sepi Ghafouri (c) 2012