The Divine poured love through me in more than one instance

The ashes of love leave residue on the circumference of bliss.

A faint feeling of nothingness remains when memories are just not missed.

Mistaken identity after years and thoughts of placing two souls interconnected by eternal flame.

Just one moment awakened her to realize this as just imagination. .. Awakened.

Guess you can’t fault a lonely girl who grew up keeping herself amused by playing pretend.

Emotions once flapping wings in flight… Flew far away and out of sight.

A simple lesson for an emotion complicated So by Ego.

Love is to be cherished in the moment… It just isn’t something you can bottle up and ferment, for future use.

Of never having loved, that is not something about which I can be accused.

Nor is it something for which I seek repentance.

The Divine poured love through me in more than one instance.

And so the story goes

My roots grew deep inside the ground while my leaves spread out toward the sky..

Up so very high

A feeling of euphoric growth while swimming in the throes of life.

I escalated past the clouds until the Sun kissed my lips.

A used to think love was filled with highs and dips.

That is. Until I found my one true love.

The one who swims with me and will be my wife.

By Sepi (c) Copyright 10/18/12


The Visions

The visions…

Air fading into itself revealing that it is nothing but a disguised window into another other non-reality..

Visions and more visions coming through when she entered non-duality…

Buildings wobbling… turning into liquid as she walks this plane..

Sudden shadows turn to solid figures.. speaking as if they were here… yet she knows they are visions..

Not so near…

inter-dimensional whispers of sorts…

Why watch television when her spiritual third eye provides her with heavenvision…

Detached and distant from the thoughtforms of the masses.. yet connected moreso to all than ever…

this life experience surpasses… all the others.

Could this be the last in this dimension… she has been told she has first to complete a mission…

Experiencing true ascension… she never thought it would be contained in this earthly mansion..

And to bring others to this vibration.. to help them overcome their own attachments to egos passion…

A calling from the higher master…  to illuminate…

Illuminate… to light.. like a pilot without a license about to take all of you on a flight..

Trust he says.. trust he says.. trust..

And so she listens… she knows she must.

Written by Sepi Copyright (c) 4.10.12

This poem is intended to widen conciousnesses scope…

little do i know

of the little things..

losing touch with reality

somtimes brings a closer look at interdimensional


a higher form of permanance of that which is true.

nothing here is real..

except the soul that is within me and you.

nothing lasts forever..

so it is truly the nothingness that does last forever..

because that which can be changed doesn’t truly exist…

its the deeper realms which interest me.. and

toward which i continue to persist..

some.. may feel this…

some.. may fear this…

and the words i speak..

we are all so fragile..


glistening with incomprehensible mystique…

this is the way it is suppossed to be..

as there exists no other in this dimension..

the force which pulls us.. apart from our center..

is our other operating in another direction..

the lost souls are the ones with the most freedom..

because searching breeds continuous hope…

while the ones at the top..

with nothing more to gain..

become unconscious as if..



this is a poem intended to widen conciousnesses scope.

Written by Sepi (c) Copyright September 16, 2008

The Hypnotist…

It is called the hypnotist…

We all crave it..

We all want it..

We all fear it..

When the hypnotist puts you in a trance..

Your heart does a love dance…

Bodily chemicals release shooting your vibration up so high high high…

Oh I have been high…

And this is the ultimate high of highs…

The eyes of the hypnotist lure you in…

The lips of the hypnotisT..

Well… they are difficult to resisT..

Afterall… who doesn’t want to just hover above clouds and be sun kissT?

The hypnotist… has only one request…

That you give up all reason..

Close your eyes so you can be hypnotizzzzzed…

Love.. Love… Oh Loooovvvve… is the hypnotists potion…

Drink a little and you will surely lose all notion

of rational thought…

What was wrong is right and day turns into night…

Love… Love… Love…

A second hand emotion?

No Tina… it is just the hypnotist’s Poisonous potion.

Sometimes sudden..

Sometimes gradual..

Always seems natural…

Infallibly perpetually fucking with your mind.

The antidote?

Lose your mind.

Then perhaps you will never again go blind.

And maybe

just maybe…

without the mind the heart won’t be caught up in such a bind.

Copyright (c) Written 5/ 25/11 by Sepi G

I Am a Channel of Light!

Skipping and hopping from plane to plane..

This is my life..

I am conscious of it and my hair is dark and wild like

a horse’s mane…

Born a Persian..

Grown in America..

Made in the Universe…

Children and Animals have always seen what I have recently become aware of..

I am a channel of light!

My purpose is to help you see yours

Burning burning burning oh so Bright!

Acceptance of ones dharma is sometimes.. FrighTening..

For me it came through me like LighTening..

Others’ thoughts just don’t matter much to me…

Yet heart feelings always do…

Heart Feelings are what connect me and you.. and you with her… and

her with him.. and US.

If you like my vibrant colors then you are welcome to hop on

this joy Bus!

Our next stop is Love and then we will dip into an abyss of undeniable Bliss!

Nothing.. Nothing.. No Thing is more delicious than riding

on This…

Channeled by Sepi (c) September 22, 2011.