This poem is intended to widen conciousnesses scope…

little do i know

of the little things..

losing touch with reality

somtimes brings a closer look at interdimensional


a higher form of permanance of that which is true.

nothing here is real..

except the soul that is within me and you.

nothing lasts forever..

so it is truly the nothingness that does last forever..

because that which can be changed doesn’t truly exist…

its the deeper realms which interest me.. and

toward which i continue to persist..

some.. may feel this…

some.. may fear this…

and the words i speak..

we are all so fragile..


glistening with incomprehensible mystique…

this is the way it is suppossed to be..

as there exists no other in this dimension..

the force which pulls us.. apart from our center..

is our other operating in another direction..

the lost souls are the ones with the most freedom..

because searching breeds continuous hope…

while the ones at the top..

with nothing more to gain..

become unconscious as if..



this is a poem intended to widen conciousnesses scope.

Written by Sepi (c) Copyright September 16, 2008