The Visions

The visions…

Air fading into itself revealing that it is nothing but a disguised window into another other non-reality..

Visions and more visions coming through when she entered non-duality…

Buildings wobbling… turning into liquid as she walks this plane..

Sudden shadows turn to solid figures.. speaking as if they were here… yet she knows they are visions..

Not so near…

inter-dimensional whispers of sorts…

Why watch television when her spiritual third eye provides her with heavenvision…

Detached and distant from the thoughtforms of the masses.. yet connected moreso to all than ever…

this life experience surpasses… all the others.

Could this be the last in this dimension… she has been told she has first to complete a mission…

Experiencing true ascension… she never thought it would be contained in this earthly mansion..

And to bring others to this vibration.. to help them overcome their own attachments to egos passion…

A calling from the higher master…  to illuminate…

Illuminate… to light.. like a pilot without a license about to take all of you on a flight..

Trust he says.. trust he says.. trust..

And so she listens… she knows she must.

Written by Sepi Copyright (c) 4.10.12


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