I Am a Channel of Light!

Skipping and hopping from plane to plane..

This is my life..

I am conscious of it and my hair is dark and wild like

a horse’s mane…

Born a Persian..

Grown in America..

Made in the Universe…

Children and Animals have always seen what I have recently become aware of..

I am a channel of light!

My purpose is to help you see yours

Burning burning burning oh so Bright!

Acceptance of ones dharma is sometimes.. FrighTening..

For me it came through me like LighTening..

Others’ thoughts just don’t matter much to me…

Yet heart feelings always do…

Heart Feelings are what connect me and you.. and you with her… and

her with him.. and US.

If you like my vibrant colors then you are welcome to hop on

this joy Bus!

Our next stop is Love and then we will dip into an abyss of undeniable Bliss!

Nothing.. Nothing.. No Thing is more delicious than riding

on This…

Channeled by Sepi (c) September 22, 2011.


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