The Divine poured love through me in more than one instance

The ashes of love leave residue on the circumference of bliss.

A faint feeling of nothingness remains when memories are just not missed.

Mistaken identity after years and thoughts of placing two souls interconnected by eternal flame.

Just one moment awakened her to realize this as just imagination. .. Awakened.

Guess you can’t fault a lonely girl who grew up keeping herself amused by playing pretend.

Emotions once flapping wings in flight… Flew far away and out of sight.

A simple lesson for an emotion complicated So by Ego.

Love is to be cherished in the moment… It just isn’t something you can bottle up and ferment, for future use.

Of never having loved, that is not something about which I can be accused.

Nor is it something for which I seek repentance.

The Divine poured love through me in more than one instance.

And so the story goes

My roots grew deep inside the ground while my leaves spread out toward the sky..

Up so very high

A feeling of euphoric growth while swimming in the throes of life.

I escalated past the clouds until the Sun kissed my lips.

A used to think love was filled with highs and dips.

That is. Until I found my one true love.

The one who swims with me and will be my wife.

By Sepi (c) Copyright 10/18/12


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