Quote of The Day 164

“It is easy to see beauty in the eyes of a child, the petals of a rose and the waves of the ocean. A part of mastering one’s spirituality is the ability to see beauty where others have forgotten it exists.”
By Sepi Ghafouri (c) 2013


Quote of The Day 163

“Negative emotions deplete your energy, while positive emotions increase your energy. The ego prefers for you to be sad, tired and angry. Whereas, your soul breathes joy and love.”
By Sepi Ghafouri (c) 2013

Quote of The Day 160

“Every living being has a certain consciousness vibration when it crosses over. If it chooses to come back to the physical, otherwise known as reincarnation, that consciousness enters a physical body with life circumstances that are vibrationally a match. An animal or tree can have a higher consciousness vibration than a human and vice-versa. Coming back as a human after being an animal does not necessarily mean your consciousness has evolved. It is the spiritual growth any being attains in the physical or non-physical realms that evidence evolution.” 

By Sepi Ghafouri (c) 2013