Quote of The Day 231

“When you become present and open your eyes, you will come to realize many miracles. You will see that trees dance with the wind. You will hear the birds and insects singing a melodic symphony. You will notice that the homeless man on the street speaks to higher spirits not because he is crazy, but because he is awake. You will feel the divine pouring love through your crown chakra. You will be peace.”
By Sepi Ghafouri (c) 2013


Quote of The Day 189

“The spiritual path is a path of peace because miracles abound through peace. If one-tenth of the money used by countries in defense to prove which one is right was instead used for the development of global space science technology and travel, the world would witness the miracles that most only see in dreams.”
By Sepi Ghafouri (c) 2013

Quote of The Day 145

“Awakening is like swimming in a pool that suddenly transforms into an ocean. Exhilarating and magical yet shocking. It is not being peaceful that awakens you. Being at peace is an essential tool which aids you after you transcend. Transcendence without inner peace is madness. With inner peace it is Enlightenment.”
By Sepi Ghafouri (c) 2013