When the fear of judgment silences you…

When the fear of judgment silences you… In you

There begins to appear nothing but sadness and blue

When you choose to live for someone else’s comfort

Your insides begin to crumble and only resentment will come forth..

The path to freedom only lays in ridding yourself of all inauthentic lies..

I know… believe me.. I know… how saddening it is to know the hypocrisy that arises from people’s judgments of love…

but believe me.. these are just disguises… hiding years of fear…

the only way I have ever found freedom from them is to rise above

being true to myself and never hiding.. My love

There is so much room in this universe for love… and as much their fear may despise it..

When it comes to expressing love… stand strong.. for this is one area where you are here to express and never compromise it..

By Sepi Copyright (c) June 26, 2012


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