My journey from Major Depression and Anxiety to Energetic Healing for myself and others.

The blips in life can be transformed into pathways toward healing…

Every experience is an experience which can be transformed into a pathway to the higher vibrations of joy, love and bliss… especially the ones in which we experience the greatest pain.

I became a Reiki Master not only to heal others, but to heal myself… and healing myself first was the most crucial step in being able to heal others so powerfully.

My friend, Meghan, was in the process of transition from the physical to non-physical.. She had stage 4 melanoma.. she wasn’t ready to cross over… so she followed the advice of medical doctors and also did alternative therapy as a combination…

The first person who told me about reiki was Meghan… It was back in 2006… She would have radiation treatments then go see a reiki master… She told me she would literally smell the toxins leaving her body while she was given reiki…

Reiki.. a form of light touch therapy where a reiki practioner channels the positive healing universal life force energy through her or his body to yours, helping you to balance in order to heal…

I was fascinated.

I always knew I had the gift of healing, but did not know how to properly channel it.

A little over a year later, after going through a divorce, career shifts and a major move from Northern to Southern California, I found myself in the grips of major anxiety and depression.. My thoughts were so restless at times, I felt like they were in control of me.. I was either always exhausted, sleeping in for hours and hours or so high energetically that I would feel like I was flying out of my body.. I would have many panic attacks and went to the hospital a couple of times thinking I was having a heart attack.. I had trouble concentrating most of the time and just wanted to be alone most of the time, yet felt so lonely..

On more than one occasion, the pain from the depression was so strong, I wanted to take my own life.

Everytime I would start feeling better, I would just come crashing back down.. I felt very scared… I had never experienced this type of imbalance before.

Ironically, I was also going through my Saturn Return and was experiencing a major spiritual reawakening and creative renaissance.. I wrote the most amazing poetry during this time and learned the most I have ever learned as well… Even more Ironic, I had started my own Law Practice, completed 2 marathons and became Co-President of a major non-profit attorney group called LGLA.

In 2008, after hitting rock bottom, I chose to tranform these “blips” to pathways towards healing.. I started going to therapy.. Probably one of the best things I have ever experienced… I learned that as a sensitive I needed to start building a moat around the core of my life.. So, I began to let go of connections that were not serving my highest good and started focusing on my well-being… Someone from a networking group told me about Abraham-Hicks’ Bpok, “Ask and It is Given”.. I started reading this miraculous book and learned about the Law of Attraction and that I could control my thoughts and had control over everything that happened to me. I learned about the power of manifestation…

I also started my Reiki Journey.. First, I ordered these DVDs by Steve Murray and received his attunements for Reiki level 1 and level 2.. I didn’t feel complete though.. I wanted to learn more.. I wanted more of a class to attend.. So, using the law of attraction, I manifested my Reiki Master Kataka Gara and started her Integrative Reiki Course in 2009. Her teaching was amazing and I felt complete.

I was still experiencing anxiety and depression off and on.. But my emotional state was improving.. I began giving myself Reiki daily and began to go to Acupuncture and took Chinese Herbs that were prescribed from an amazing healer named Todd Plymale Mallory.. After graduating form the Reiki Course as a Reiki Master, I began my own reiki practice. I still went through the ups and downs that come with healing oneself, but after about a year, I was completely back in balance.

I have been depression and panic attack free since then.. I have also majorly shifted my vibration and experience the most miraculous states of Joy, Oneness and Bliss.. My Reiki practice has grown and I have incorporated crystal healing, chakra balancing, energetic extractions, channeling and golden light healing into my energetic healing sessions..

I love the Temple that is my body and I maintain my body, mind and soul as a clear channeling of healing for those that come to me for healing…

I know what the pain of imbalance feels like.. and I know, firsthand, it can always be healed. You will always be able to find balance, with or without the use of prescription drugs.

The blips in life truly can be transformed to pathways of healing..


By Sepi, Copyright (c) July 3, 2012.